Android and Linux

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pogoplug is taking over my life

The $50 Pogoplug that I bought to goof around with is now my main server.

The Pogoplug is about the size of a small, thick book. To the right is an Edge DiskGo network attached storage drive. That's where I keep all my media to be played on the TV via the Roku and the MyMedia Server Roku app. The Pogoplug is running a small python server that acts as the companion to the Mymedia app and I simply mounted the drive over the network because I didn't have any USB cables to plug it in directly, so it acts as if it is serving the files from it's own drive.

Debian is installed on the USB stick in the front of it. The white cable in the back is the power cord, and there's a cat5 plugged into the back which you can't see, and the two black cords are USB cords running to my CM11A and W800RF32A, which are an X10 controller and wireless receiver respectively.

It's not only serving media and running the automation, but other scripts to check weather, watch my IP address, back up files from my phone when I connect to my home wifi, etc. Everything installed and runs just as easily as it would on any desktop Linux. The only hard part was getting accustomed to Debian, but it's not so different from Slackware and at least it's not Ubuntu.

That's the beauty of Linux, very small programs requiring very little resources can do as much, if not more, than some $100 program you'd have to buy for a Windows computer, and they can do it in the background without you having to be there to point and click, and they can do it on very minimal hardware.