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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Convective Outlook Tasker projects for weather geeks

(this had a bug which I fixed, the download link is updated with the fixed version. I also added day 4-8 to the project.)

I've been playing with Tasker scenes and made a couple useful weather related scenes for the weather geeks, but unfortunately one of them isn't ready yet. It works great, but I decided to add a legend to help define some of the options and it's turning into a pain. I would skip the legend now but I already have it halfway done and it would take more work to take it out than to finish it.

I also have another one that is turning into a larger project than I wanted. It's not overly complicated, but it's going to require over 100 selectable menu items and that is a lot of boring grunt work, but it will be great for weather geeks when I'm done.

So, here is a simple one, a mobile version of the Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlook for days 1, 2 and 3. 4-8 would be easy to add, but I don't really use it so I left it out.

The whole thing is pretty simple, the menu allows you to choose the outlook for Day 1, 2 or 3.

Once you choose, it downloads the image and text for that day and displays it. The text is scrollable and contains all the text from the related SPC outlook page.

Tapping on the text or the image will take you back to the previous menu where you can select another day if you want.

It consist of two scenes and two tasks. The task named "Start Outlook" is an optional way to start the scene. It simply displays Outlook1 (the menu from the first image above). You can skip that task and display Outlook1 with another method if you prefer.

This project was created on my phone, a Galaxy Nexus, with a 4.65", 1280×720 resolution screen. It might not be useable on a smaller phone, and will probably require resizing for any phone with a different screen size.

I've put this up for download here. If that site displays the text from the xml, you can click download to save it to your computer or phone. Once downloaded, simply import into Tasker and enjoy.