Android and Linux

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yay, new house.

I closed on the house today and it's been a frustrating ride. The builder had to fix a few things and on the second inspection... nothing had been fixed. Last week, they were working on it and no thanks to a lender that couldn't be bothered to do anything, I had to coordinate with the title company myself to get the closing done, and in the process forgot to do a final inspection.

Oh well, I'm sure they took care of it, right? Nope, I walked in to my new home to find that they still weren't done. But I got the keys and they're going to finish tomorrow and I will move this weekend.

With a brand new house and brand new furniture, I think it's time for some brand new computing power. I'm thinking a couple wifi repeaters, a server in the closet to run X10, storage, maybe even media and an Android tablet as a remote control for everything.


I'll soon be moved and hopefully have something worth blogging.